Baton Rouge Gallery encourages its artist members to experiment. The standing invitation to try something new- even slightly different- within the gallery space, has always felt both compelling and risky.

Words are often the first threshold I cross when considering a new body of work. Starting from where I found myself; grateful to be in mid-life, (mostly) joyful, with kids, a good job- and yet wrestling, too with commonplace, mid-life fears, doubts, Facebook- basically, life’s ordinary responsibilities and obligations; the word “bound” in all its permutations, spoke to me:

To be firmly determined, resolved, to intend to go, or to move by leaping.

Something secured in place.

To be tied to; as in duty- bound.

Very likely, certain, expected to….as in, it’s bound to happen.

A point or line beyond which a person or thing cannot go.

To be both going somewhere as well as tied to one place…?.

 I spend a good deal of my time trying to make meaningful objects with my hands. It is what I have dedicated my adulthood to and it is why- ultimately- I ended up living in Baton Rouge. Much in the way a plumber fixes a sink or my daughter’s teacher explains fractions, creating is one facet of how I contribute to this community. “Bound” stemmed from a simple desire to give of what I know and value, as much acknowledgment and appreciation for what others do and bring.

Over the past several months I have made 120 ceramic bows. Kathryn Hunter, the owner of Baton Rouge's Blackbird Letterpress donated the colorful tags. Last week, on a small group of tags I wrote a concise message to a variety of people (some I know, some I don’t) whose contributions to Baton Rouge I have admired, valued and appreciated. In turn, I provided each recipient additional tag’s to pass on to others in the same spirit. All tagged recipients get to choose one bow as a gift.

Colored ribbons serve as symbols within our culture, visual reminders of what people support, value or believe in. This project embraces that idea, my hope is to create a veritable constellation around our community- one suggesting the many ways in which we all are, or can be – bound. 

After the opening night, all untagged bows are available (BRG staff has tags) for a $30.00 donation, 100% of which goes to support Baton Rouge Gallery.